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We all know that Self publishing can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be. Learn the basics of getting started in this easy-to-follow eBook by Cherell Latimer.

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What You Will Learn

Publishing a book can be easy but also scary. This book will share a few steps to get your book on Amazon and other platforms for significant distribution. First, let me introduce myself. My name is Cherell Latimer, C.E.O. of A.C.E. Publishing L.L.C., which stands for Acknowledging Christ Through Editorial. I have written three books, and each book was self-published differently. My pen name is Cherell Evans which I chose to keep after getting married to my wonderful husband. I didn't want to confuse my audience when searching for my books. Now I would never consider myself an expert in publishing, but my husband always says, "I know what I know." My grandmother also says you are never too old to learn something new. So I will continue to learn as much as possible and share it with you. This eBook could be something new.

 In this book, you will learn:

  • How to start your company and what you need.
  • How to get copyrights for your book
  • ISBN and what they are.
  • How to find a good cover designer or do it yourself
  • How to edit your book before you send it to the editor
  • Recommended platforms to publish your book


Now that you know what you will learn, let's get you started in the first step.



She made it easy for you to get started.

Not only does she tell you where to go to get the steps done, but Cherell also provides the links for you to go right to it. So Save this book and Write the websites down. All you need is right here!

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How To Publish a Book


Cherell Latimer was born and raised in Muskegon, MI.

Cherell Latimer is the founder and C.E.O. of A.C.E. Publishing L.L.C. She is also an author that goes by the pen name of Cherell Evans. Cherell has written three books. The Wrong Kind of Love-Defined By God, which is her biography to help women that have been through domestic violence relationships, and Cast down- God Remembers You, which is her first Christian fiction novel! Cast Down 2 God is Pleased is a sequel with new characters and new angels. Cherell has featured in multiple Magazines such as Breaking Headline News, S.I.E. Magazine, and S.T.S. Branding Her. Her love for God has taken her on a journey to help build the kingdom of God by Acknowledging Christ through Editorials, which is the acronym for A.C.E. Publishing. What was supposed to be just her writing for fun turned into God, giving her a whole new vision. Now she has started a publishing company for Christian authors to help spread the word of God one book at a time.

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